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Marianne is an exuberant hands-on personality. After graduating from Nursing School in eastern Pennsylvania, Marianne decided she preferred working in an environment that took her places, allowing her involvement with clients’ diverse needs in buying or selling a house. There is no surprise why she specializes in helping people of all ages with every detail involved with finding “just the right place.” Marianne is hands on and rolls up her sleeves to help every client, from scaling down and selling their current home, to helping growing families move into more space to those just starting out in home ownership. Read More About Marianne

The Colorado Culture from Broomfield to Castle Rock includes an array of communities. Marianne and her husband have lived in Aurora for over 30 years near the Cherry Creek Reservoir. We are partial to the neighborhoods of Cherry Creek Racquet Club, Cherry Creek Villages: North, South and On The Lake, Pheasant Run & Pheasant Run South and Pier Point and Pier Point Villages

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Tips for Selling your Aurora Home in the Spring

April 27, 2016

The spring is a transformational season in which the snow and ice melts, the days become brighter and longer, and the warmer weather invites people to enjoy the outdoors and embrace the rejuvenation of nature. These benefits make spring the best time of the year to place your home on the market. If you are interested in posting your Aurora home for sale, it can help to learn some key tips for selling your Aurora home in the spring.

Real Estate Agent

Finding the right real estate agent is essential for selling your home. Although you might be tempted to try to make a sale by yourself, using Aurora real estate experts can help you sell your home quicker and receive the best value possible. Their advanced knowledge in the industry and superior skills enable real estate agents to implement effective strategies that can help you find and excite potential buyers. Agents can use diverse platforms to market your home, identify which features of your property to emphasize in advertisements, and recruit an abundance of potential buyers. The agents can then handle the communication and negotiation process to close the deal and provide you with the best sales price possible.

House Inspector

You should also have an inspector evaluate the condition of your home in the spring. Structural or repair issues can ruin deals and prevent you from selling your home. As a result, you should have a house inspector evaluate your property, verify that each section is sound, and provide advice if certain repairs need to be fulfilled. Making repairs in the spring and before listing your home on the market is cost-effective because the repairs can substantially improve the quality of your home and increase the sales price you can achieve.  

Spring Cleaning

Completing a thorough spring cleaning session is crucial for successfully selling your home. Decluttering and reorganizing the rooms can entice potential buyers by enriching your home with a beautiful, spacious, and appealing appearance. Many spring cleaning methods can help maximize the attractive and spacious quality of your Aurora home for sale. Packing unnecessary items in boxes and placing the boxes in a storage closet can clear up space and make each room appear as large as possible. Additionally, you should scrub every room so your home radiates a sparkling shine, clear the entry way area, and utilize candles or air freshener products so your home emits a pleasing and delightful fragrance.  

Yard Cleaning

Aurora real estate experts also recommend that you clean your yard before posting your home on the market. An inferior yard promotes the detrimental impression that the property is ugly, unhealthy, and unappealing.  In contrast, an attractive yard excites the buyers. The immediate sight of a beautiful and healthy landscape enhances their mood, excites their senses, and evokes a favorable first impression of your home as being a high-quality and luxurious property. Many tactics can help you quickly establish an enticing lawn in the spring. Prior to placing your home on the market, you should clear away any debris, consistently water the yard, and ensure that your lawn exhibits a gorgeous landscape of green grass and healthy plants.    

Contact Farrell’s Sales to help sell your home. Our expert staff has accrued a prestigious reputation for providing exceptional and customized real estate services throughout the Aurora and Denver areas. We can provide you with the full-service support you deserve, we can market your home on the best platforms available, and we would be glad to implement strategies that can help you sell your home and maximize your sales price.