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About Marianne Farrell:

Marianne is an exuberant hands-on personality. After graduating from Nursing School in eastern Pennsylvania, Marianne decided she preferred working in an environment that took her places, allowing her involvement with clients’ diverse needs in buying or selling a house. There is no surprise why she specializes in helping people of all ages with every detail involved with finding “just the right place.” Marianne is hands on and rolls up her sleeves to help every client, from scaling down and selling their current home, to helping growing families move into more space to those just starting out in home ownership. Read More About Marianne

The Colorado Culture from Broomfield to Castle Rock includes an array of communities. Marianne and her husband have lived in Aurora for over 30 years near the Cherry Creek Reservoir. We are partial to the neighborhoods of Cherry Creek Racquet Club, Cherry Creek Villages: North, South and On The Lake, Pheasant Run & Pheasant Run South and Pier Point and Pier Point Villages

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Finding the Most Effective Aurora Real Estate Expert to Sell Your Home

May 25, 2016

The home selling process can be quite stressful for homeowners. The consistent cleaning and getting the house prepared for real estate showings and wondering if the house is actually going to be sold are just a few instances of the stress that comes with Aurora homes for sale. When selling a home, it is of the utmost importance to choose the right real estate broker. There are thousands of real estate brokers to select from. However, there are some that stand out more than others. So, what should be anticipated from a real estate agent if you are trying to sell your home? If you are looking to list your home with the right real estate agent, there are certain things to look for. There is no use in listing with just any agent, especially if you want to sell your home fast. Let’s take a look at what to expect from a good realtor.

Negotiating Skills
A good realtor should have strong negotiating skills. In representing you as the seller, the agent must try to get the most cash for your home in a short time frame. The realtor should know exactly how to deal with the buyer’s agent. A good realtor will always have open communication with the seller, not sending a counter offer to the buyer’s agent unless the seller is aware of the contact. The realtor has a fiduciary responsibility to the seller, being the voice of the home seller.

Being Creative
Selling your home is more than just placing a sign in the front of the house or waiting for someone to give you an offer for full asking price. The realtor must be creative, marketing the home in an effective way by using the right property description, taking photos at the most appropriate angle and writing attention-grabbing advertisements.

Past Results
Before hiring an Aurora real estate expert, the home seller should look at the person’s experience and results achieved in the past. Don’t select a realtor because you are friends or familiar with each other. The person’s body of work should speak volumes.

Business Contacts
When looking for the right realtor, it is also helpful to find out the type of business contacts the person has. Does the realtor have connections with real estate lawyers, mortgage brokers, moving company and a list of other vendors? With a valuable list of preferred vendors and partners, the real estate agent shows resourcefulness.

Consistent Communication
It is important for a good realtor to stay in touch with the client or home seller. The realtor should keep the home seller abreast of what is happening, whether there are any new leads or whether a new strategy should be adopted.

Innovative Technology
An effective real estate agent should be technology savvy, using innovative tools and resources to sell the home. This could include social media, email, digital marketing, and digital software.

The best Aurora real estate agents should incorporate a marketing plan that is gauged toward the sale of a particular property. Using a wide range of mediums, the realtor will have more potential for success in selling the home. There are many homes for sale in Aurora. If you are a new home seller in Aurora, Farrell’s Sales Real Estate can help you to sell your home quickly. Contact us today to learn how.