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Marianne is an exuberant hands-on personality. After graduating from Nursing School in eastern Pennsylvania, Marianne decided she preferred working in an environment that took her places, allowing her involvement with clients’ diverse needs in buying or selling a house. There is no surprise why she specializes in helping people of all ages with every detail involved with finding “just the right place.” Marianne is hands on and rolls up her sleeves to help every client, from scaling down and selling their current home, to helping growing families move into more space to those just starting out in home ownership. Read More About Marianne

The Colorado Culture from Broomfield to Castle Rock includes an array of communities. Marianne and her husband have lived in Aurora for over 30 years near the Cherry Creek Reservoir. We are partial to the neighborhoods of Cherry Creek Racquet Club, Cherry Creek Villages: North, South and On The Lake, Pheasant Run & Pheasant Run South and Pier Point and Pier Point Villages

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New or Old? Considerations When Looking for Aurora Homes for Sale

September 28, 2016

Purchasing a new home is exciting! Now, when people say “new” home, typically it is new to them. As you look for Aurora homes for sale, you will see many that have been built more recently, while others might be older. There are definitely pros and cons for both. While looking, here are some of the top things to consider when it comes to the age of the home you are purchasing.

Newer Homes
One of the best benefits of buying a newer home is lower maintenance. Some of the every day wear and tear will be different than if a home has been lived in for over 20 years. This means your roof, heating and cooling systems, water heater, etc. may still have lots of life left in them. You will also most likely have newer appliances and features. Also, the U.S. News Money article 9 Reasons to Buy a Newly Built Home brings up a great point, newer homes are built up to more recent standards like energy efficiency and customization. This is even more prevalent in homes that were built in 2009 and are newer.

Older Homes
Older homes provide a charm and quality that newer homes do not have. Many are looking for a specific style such as a ranch, bungalow, colonial or mid-century modern. You will find that specific style if you become more comfortable with the age of the home. Another great benefit of purchasing an older home is the ability to make changes. You can make changes to any home, but often times older homes are the perfect candidate to be a fixer upper. Depending on the size and area, the price can be lower. You can also work with your local realtor to discuss with the sellers if you can reduce the price to accommodate your renovations.

Other Considerations
In general as you look for a home to move to, there are other things to think about if you are price conscious. First, would you like to move into a neighborhood with an HOA? There may be a monthly or annual fee, but there are community and neighborhood advantages. Second, talk to your realtor about property taxes and what the prices may be in the areas you are shopping in. Last, consider how close you would like to be to your workplace, schools, grocery stores or other areas you frequently go. If your commute times are longer, you may be paying more per month in gas.

As you prepare to purchase a home that is new to you, Farrell’s Sales Real Estate is your premier go-to realtor. We will help you find the perfect home, whether it is new or old, that fits within your budget. Learn more about understanding basic financial terms and start your property search! When ready, contact Farrell’s Sales to get started in the home buying process.